What is Overwolf?

Your in-game dock!


Overwolf is a neat and advanced overlay platform that adds apps into PC games.
Its rich inventory includes apps like an in-game chrome browser, Game Capture and Twitch streaming!

Overwolf has been chosen by TeamSpeak to be their official overlay solution.

The Overwolf Appstore features a wide variety of killer apps made by both our dev team and also your everyday gamers. Overwolf boasts a JavaScript based API (codename KAIGOS – Kick Ass In Game OS), that allows gamers to easily develop and create apps such as WvW timers for Guild Wars 2, Instant replays for League of Legends, statistics for various games and much more.

How much does it cost?

Like all best things in life – Overwolf is FREE!

So, how does Overwolf work?

Launch Overwolf and start your game. Hit Ctrl+Tab to summon the Overwolf dock, use the implemented apps or go to the Appstore for more (recommended!).
Once you are in game, simply move the mouse cursor above the Overwolf apps to control them.

If no cursor is available, like in FPS games (CS:GO, CoD, Overwatch etc) hit Ctrl+Tab to switch between the game and control of the apps. 
Press Shift+F2 to show/hide all Overwolf app windows. Pressing Ctrl+Tab will show/hide the Overwolf dock.

You can configure your own personal hotkeys in the settings window (right click the Overwolf tray icon and go to settings).

Which games does Overwolf support?

Check out our supported games list to find out.
We are always working to add more top rated games to this list 🙂

How can I contact the team?

Good thing you asked! 

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