Logitech G Spark: FAQ

Logitech G Spark: FAQ

Logitech G Spark in the Overwolf store


Q: What is 'Logitech G Spark'?

A: 'Logitech G Spark' is an Overwolf app designed for Logitech G keyboards. The app creates RGB color effects and displays them on your keyboard while you play.

Q: What games are supported by the app?

A: Logitech G Spark currently supports League of Legends. Over the course of 2018, we are planning on adding support for more games such as Overwatch, CS:GO & DOTA 2 .

Q: What effects does the app show?

A: The app currently displays effects for:

  • Champion abilities (Q,W,E,R) 
  • Champion kills & assists
  • Champion Death

Q: What are the requirements for running the app

A: To run the app you will need to:

Q: How do I use the Logitech G Spark app?

A: If you already have Overwolf, LGS & a supported keyboard, you only need to start playing. Logitech G Spark will automagically start with your match.

Q: Are all League champions supported?

A: We support more than 120 champions. Our goal is to support all champions by the end of 2018 (including champions yet to be released).

More information:

  1. List of supported Logitech G keyboard
  2. How to install/updated LGS (Logitech Gaming Software)

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