Q: What is MAP-G?

A: MAP-G is an Overwolf PUBG in-game application that allows you to view the plane’s path during the entire match, as well as your traveled path, kills and death locations, and most common vehicle spawn points.

Q: How do I use MAP-G in game?

A: Just join a new match and press the default Ctrl+B key combination to open the application’s main window.

Q: Why can’t I see MAP-G right after the game starts?

A: Since MAP-G provides information regarding a current match that is in progress, there is no need to show the application automatically in the menu or in early stages (like the lobby).

Q: What games are supported by MAP-G?


Q: What game modes are supported by MAP-G?

A:  MAP-G supports regular solo/duo/squad FPP/TPP game modes.

Q: What information does MAP-G provide?

A: MAP-G provides info on the direction of the plane’s flight at the start of a match, it displays the locations of major match events like kills or death, shows the path traveled by the player and highlights the most common vehicle spawn points.

Q: How can I change the hotkeys?

A: Just click the gear icon in the window’s top bar, or open up the hotkeys tab inside Overwolf’s settings.

Q: How can I send a feedback?

A: Join our Discord Server and feel free to post your feedback there.

Q: Where can I find my saved images?

A: All the images are saved to the default Pictures\Overwolf\MAP-G folder.

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