Melodrive Play – FAQ

In this article you’ll find answers to a number of questions that often pop up among players using Melodrive Play.

What does Melodrive Play do?

Melodrive Play creates an infinite stream of music that dynamically adapts to the game you’re playing.

How do I use Melodrive Play?

Using Melodrive Play is a piece of cake, just click the play button and you’ll start to hear music. For more things to do, check out the “Tutorial” in the main menu.

What games does Melodrive Play support?

You can use Melodrive Play with any game you like, in order to enjoy an infinite stream of music. However, Melodrive Play’s mappings rely on Overwolf’s API, so currently mappings are only available for the following games:

  • CS:GO
  • Dota2
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • PUBG
  • World of Tanks

We’re always adding new titles as the Overwolf platform expands, so check back here often!

What is a “theme”?

A theme is a basic tune (melody + chords), that Melodrive Play uses to generate an entire piece. Think of a theme as a building block. Melodrive Play can implement the same theme in a number of different styles and emotions. When you create a new theme, you’re changing the basic musical content used in a piece. To put it another way, changing a theme is like changing the currently playing “track” in Spotify.

Can I save a theme?

Sure you can! Just look for the “Save theme” item in Melodrive’s Play’s menu. If you create a theme you like – be sure to save it so that you can load it again later!

What is a “style”?

A Melodrive Play style is an arrangement of instruments and ways of playing those instruments. When you change a style, you’re changing the overall flavour of the music. Some styles are more different than others – try a few and choose your favourite!

What is a “mapping”?

A mapping tells Melodrive Play how to change the state of the music (emotion and style), based on what happens in the game you’re playing. In a mapping for example, there may be a rule that tells Melodrive Play to switch to excited music, every time your hero kills an enemy.

Can I build my own mappings?

Yes, you can! We’ll update this page soon with information on how to get started building your own mappings.

How do I tell Melodrive Play to generate music that responds to the game I’m playing?

Click on “Mappings” from the menu. You’ll see a list of mappings with descriptions. Choose a mapping that supports your game. To be sure that a mapping supports a game, double check that the game’s title appears under “Supported Games”. Switch on the mapping in the top right. Now you’ve hooked up Melodrive Play to the game. Enjoy the music!

What can I do with hotkeys?

You can use hotkeys to change among 2 emotions and 2 styles, show/hide Melodrive Play while you’re in game, and to select the previous/next theme. You can set the emotions and styles and remap all the hotkeys. In order to do that, click on “Settings” (cog icon).

How does Melodrive Play generate the music?

Melodrive Play uses an AI music engine called Melodrive SDK to generate the music in realtime, completely from scratch. We use a number of different AI techniques to compose, perform and render the music on the fly. We love to think that we’re slowly teaching the AI how to become an outstanding musician!

How can I get support and give you guys feedback?

Join the Melodrive Play Discord. We’d love to hear what you think about Melodrive Play 🙂

Can I use Melodrive Play in my streams?

Sure you can! Let us know if you do on our Discord, as we’re planning to launch a Melodrive Streamer Partner Programme soon, with lots of advantages for streamers.

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