PUBG Match Leaderboard – Change Log

Version 0.1.50 | Release date 08/07/2019

  • Fixed most of the issues.
  • Changed default hotkey to F5.
  • Show detailed rank and stats when hover over the player rank icon.
  • Show dead player survival time
  • Highlight teammates in a leaderboard.
  • Added spinner when download player stats.
  • Apply better font in the application.
  • Improve desktop page design.
  • Display main window toggle hotkey in window header.

Known Issues

  • When main window toggle hotkey is changed in Overwolf settings, it is not updated automatically in a header, until application is restarted completely.
  • Sometimes there’s one constantly spinning (updating) unknown rank icon in a leaderboard.
  • When player dies the leaderboard stops refreshing. It is very noticeable in duos or squads.

Version 0.0.18 | Release date 26/05/2019

  • First release to the Overwolf App Store as PUBG Dev Challenge participant application
  • Added Discord Server Invite link to the application top navigation bar
  • Added Overwolf Support Pages link to the application top navigation bar
  • Added off game window with application description and all related links or information
  • Show entire match players list
  • Show player name, rank icon, current season KDR value and current match kill count
  • Order players by rank points
  • Highlight current player in a list

Known Issues

  • Alive players do not have kills count in a current match.
  • A lot of players have unknown stats in the leaderboard.fixed in version 0.1.50
  • Most of the stats are outdated and can be up to two weeks old.fixed in version 0.1.50
  • Default ugly scrollbar is present on the right hand side of the leaderboard.fixed in version 0.1.50
  • Rank icons are too small.fixed in version 0.1.50
  • Sometimes there can be a bug when no leaderboard is rendered, only top window bar.fixed in version 0.1.50

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