Overwolf recording Minimum requirements

One of the main features found on Overwolf is the ability to record your awesome plays using several apps, such as ReplayHUD and Twitch streaming.
Our support team found that users with specific computer settings, you might encounter technical difficulties while recording or streaming.

Please note that the following are the recommended minimum requirements, having a setup with lower specs may cause issues:

CPU: Intel I3 processors that support Intel QuickSync encoder, for the supported list, click here (AMD processors can have issues as well)


GPU: Versions of Nvidia graphics cards that support the Nvenc encoder (GT/M versions might not work).
Users with AMD graphics cards can try the AMF beta encoder, check the supported cards here.

RAM: 4Gb of Ram memory or more.

This information is based on user experience and Overwolf optimization.
Feel free to contact Overwolf support team if you require any further assistance, our team will gladly help you!

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