Streaker – Twitch Extension Walkthrough Guide

The streaker extension consists of five UI components, which will be explained in this guide.

UI Components that are always shown:

  • Streak & Health Panel (left-hand side)
  • Voting Panel (right-hand side)

Only shown after the stream is reloaded or event occurs:

  • Info Panel (top right corner)
  • Introduction Panel (bottom center)
  • Event Panel (bottom right corner)


Streak & Health Panel


The streak & health panel shows the current streak (in screenshot: 17) in the circle on the top left.

Beneath the current streak we show the next checkpoint (20) and how far it is away (via a progress bar).

Underneath the next checkpoint is the currently highest streak (103) of the user ranked in 1st place.

On the top right it shows the current health (100).

Underneath are the buttons to use health packs.

Below we show how many health packs the user has available (e.g. acquired or won).

And on the bottom is the button to purchase more health packs.

Health packs are limited the higher a streak is in order to prevent pay-to-win.
Users can use a maximum of 3 health packs up to the first checkpoint at 5.
Users can use a maximum of 2 health packs up to the second checkpoint at 15.
Users can use a maximum of 1 healthpack for all further checkpoints (30, 50, 75, …).

Info panel

The info panel notifies users about what’s going on in the extension’s universe.
It shows either:

  • streak leaders for the current stream and selected timeframe (e.g. session, day, all time) or
  • news regarding extension updates / changelogs (in future versions


Voting Panel

The voting panel shows icons for available events, along with an overview-bar of how votes are distributed. 
The event title and description can be expanded by clicking on a specific icon:

Once a vote is won a dialog pops up to notify the users about their new streak. If they voted yes and the event occured (=correct vote) the title is not striked through, if they voted NO and the event did not occur (=correct vote) then the title is striked through:



Event Panel

The event panel shows triggered events that can be voted on. 
Unlike standard votes from the voting panel, triggered events only appear after a certain event has happened in the match and voting is only possible for a limited time (e.g. 30 seconds) unless the vote’s outcome is not already decided in the meantime. 
If no vote is placed within that timeframe, it simply disappears. The goal is to keep viewers engaged to the stream and the extension at all times.

Example: If the viewer does not vote until the countdown is over the vote simply disappears

Other than the time restriction, these votes are very similar to our standard votes discussed earlier.


Vote Introduction Panel

Votes are only introduced to new viewers of a stream or as soon as a match starts.


The goal is to draw attention of new users to the extension. However, vote introductions can be disabled anytime. Note: this only applies to our standard votes from the voting panel, not event votes.

Thank you for using Streaker. If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at or hop on our Discord at

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