Frequently asked questions

1. What is Streamer alerts?

Streamer alerts is an Overwolf app created for the sole purpose of notifying users whenever their favorite streamers go live, both on desktop and in-game.

2. How do I use the app?

In order to open the app, you’ll need to open the Overwolf dock and click on the Streamer alerts’ app icon.
Upon signing in with your Twitch account, all your followed streamers will be synced into the app, hence, you will get notified when each of these streamers will start streaming. You can control which streamer you would like to get notifications from by hovering over the desktop/in-game icons on top of the stream’s thumbnail.

3. How it works?

The app is based on the Twitch api, syncing your followed streamers on Twitch and knowing when they go live.

4. The app doesn’t work, what should I do?

Send your logs to with a description of the issue or the specific card you had problems with and we’ll do our best to help you.

Here’s how to get your logs:

  1. Go to %localappdata%/Overwolf/Log/
  2. Compress the log folder into a .rar/zip (This folder contains all the log files).

5. I have a suggestion on how to improve the app, where should I send it to?

We’d love to get your feedback. Please use this feedback page.

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