Trophy Hunters – Frequently Asked Questions

The Circle of Trophy Hunters

Hello Summoner! Are you ready to join the circle of Trophy Hunters?

Proof your skills by achieving trophies for extraordinary performances in a League of Legends game! Are you the Katarina who receives one multikill after another or the tank who boldly takes the enemies burst for his team and still manages to not go down? Or are you the supporter who provides the vision that his team needs or the guy dealing the damage for his team? For all of you there is “Good news everyone!” (Prof. Farnsworth). You can now strive for specific goals that show extraordinary performances of your specific playstyle. Gain honor and respect through unlocking more and more trophies and thus improving your overall Trophy Hunter Score. Let thy hunt begin!

“A true hunter never rests.” (Rengar)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trophy Hunter app about?

This app uses the Overwolf and Riot APIs to access League of Legends game events. Once a match has finished, data from the riot server will be requested and evaluated. The user will receive a notification for each unique trophy that has been achieved.

How do I create an account?

You just have to download the TrophyHunter-app in the overwolf shop. Once you start a game, a Trophy Hunter account will be created automatically.

How do I gain trophies?

You have to start the Trophy Hunter app and start playing games. You will automatically gain new trophies. You can read about the requirements for specific trophies at the trophies menu point.

What is a Trophy Hunter Tree?

A Trophy Hunter Tree consists of severel specific trophies that have to be achieved in a specific order and is always assigned to a specific champion. Once you achieved all trophies of a tree, that tree is shown as an achievement on your profile page, you gain extra Trophy Hunter Points and you also unlocked the next level tree of that champion.

What are TP and LP?

TP stands for Trophy Points. You earn TP after a match when you achieved trophies. Trophies give a different amount of TP, depending on their difficulty. You can use TP to advertise your youtube or twitch channel (explained at a later point). LP stands for Ladder Points and it is the sum of all TP that you have ever achieved. LP are used for the Trophy Hunter Ranking.

How can I advertise my youtube or twitch channel?

Once you earned 2000 TP, you can use them to add a link to your youtube or twitch channel. You can find that option in the Store-menu on the left side of the app. The link will be shown next to your name in the Trophy Hunter Ranking.

What games count for the Trophy Hunter app?

Ranked, normal and 3v3 games are considered, custom games not.

Why are there no in-game notifications?

RIOT does not provide detailed game information while the game still is active since that could be abused for cheating tools easily. Once we receive the notification that the game has been finished, we try to find the corresponding game-details from the Riot API and analyse it.

I didn’t receive a trophy eventhough I think I achieved the requirements?

Please make sure the Trophy Hunter app was started before you started the ranked game. Please contact us through the feedback button provided at the "Store" menu point in the app with the information of the trophy you think you achieved and the date and lol-account that you played that game on.

Will there be new trophies from time to time?

Yes. We are continuosly augmenting the trophy pool. Please check the news on that.

Is the PBE Client supported?

No, the PBE Client is not supported.

I want to send you guys some feedback?

You are very welcome. Please send us your feedback to through the feedback button in the app. You can find it in the "Store" menu point.

Who are the people behind LoLTrophyHunter?

We are Leon Machens and Marlon Welter, two brothers from germany. We are both programmers and created Trophy Hunter as a fun private project.


Special thanks to

Florian "Aromakekse" Odenthal, Andreas "Achix" Schwab, Roman "Brayanan" and the whole Overwolf team!

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