What is gamerspoint.gg

gamerspoint.gg is an Overwolf App that allows gamers to play Fortnite and to win free gifts in our giveaways: Steam Gifts, V-bucks, and Gaming Hardware.

How it works:

  1. Download our App on Overwolf Appstore and log in with Discord (Download Link).*
  2. Play Fortnite in any game mode and get points for your in-game performance: for kills, match rankings, victory royales.**
  3. Win coins and use them to redeem free gifts: Steam Gifts, V-bucks, Gaming Hardware.

* – If Fortnite was launched before Overwolf or gamerspoint.gg App was installed, it is required to re-open the game (or restart PC in some cases) for a smooth experience;

** – Points for rankings and victory royales are given only in classic solo/duo/squads. Points for kills are given in every game mode besides Sandbox and Creative.

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