What is LoLwiz?

LoLwiz is a free Overwolf app for League of Legends which provides in-game summoner stats, builds recommendations and counter tips.

LoLwiz is automatically launched when a League of Legends match starts and immediately detects the summoners participating in your game. You’ll be notified when LoLwiz stats are ready (in the LoL loading screen):

In order to see your teammates and enemies stats, all you have to do is hit the Shift + Tab keys (this hotkey combination can be changed through the Overwolf client settings menu).

This window shows the following data:

  1. Basic info – Summoner nickname, division and spells. All the base information to identify the summoner. Look up for ranked promotion games as the summoner will be under a higher pressure.
  2. Runes and Masteries – Look out especially for rune mistakes. Have they forgotten armor or magic resist? Poke them early to gain the advantage.
  3. Game statistics – Check the average kills, deaths and assists from previous games played with the same champion by a summoner. Do they have a good win percentage? Experience in the same role? Take it all into assessment.
  4. Champion matchup – Based on overall statistic across all summoners, how does the champions matchup against each other? Keep an eye out for the damage composition and be sure to buy items to counter it correctly.
  5. Build guide – Recommended starting items, highest win % full build and recommended spell order.
  6. Counter tips – Helpful counter tips for your lane opponent.

The stats window can be shown/hidden by clicking on the hotkey at any time during the game.
The champions tiles can be reordered by dragging them (to the left or right) in the stats window.

Got more questions about Lolwiz? Check out the LoLwiz FAQ page!
Experiencing any issues? Try out the LoLwiz troubleshooting article, still need our assistance? Contact us 🙂

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