What is PUBG Tracker?

What is PUBG Tracker?

PUBG Tracker is a free Overwolf app developed by Tracker Network. Track your progress in PLAYERUKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS to get match-by-match performance breakdowns.

Main Features:

  • Detailed match history
  • Season and gamemode performance
  • Track multiple players
  • Updates when new matches are found

How it works:

  • You download the app from the Overwolf appstore
  • When opening the app, you need to submit your PUBG nickname in order to be registered in the app
  • Click on the "Show Stats" button to see your profile
  • You can now navigate between the different regions and see perforemence stats per gamemode, as well as add your friends to track their stats as well


You can use the app while being on Dekstop and while playing PLAYERUKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.

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Feel free to contact Tracker Network's team by using this form, or send a tweet to @trackernetwork.

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