Wolfcoins – FAQ

What is Wolfcoins?

Wolfcoins is an app that allows gamers to get in-game currency for watching video ads. The Wolfcoins app is published on the Overwolf store exclusively.

Is Wolfcoins supported in my country?

Although the app will launch and might work everywhere, we cannot guarantee ads in all regions.

VPN are not supported.

*Please note that the codes earned in Wolfcoins are only valid for PC use (no consoles).

Is Wolfcoins legit?

Of course it is!

All games codes you earn are purchased directly from the game publisher and are 100% legit.
Our team communicates with both the advertisers behind the ads and game developers to ensure that all commercial content is relevant and harmless. We only work with trusted known ad providers.

How does it work?

Advertisers pay for your attention, and we credit you for your effort.

  1. Download the Wolfcoins app from the Overwolf AppStore.
  2. Create an account with Wolfcoins by entering your email address (don’t forget to activate your account by validating your email address).
  3. Log in and watch video ads (availability of ads may vary), earn coins for doing so and then redeem them for your favorite game currency!
  4. The code will be sent to you in both the Wolfcoins app and your account’s registered email address.
  5. Copy and paste your code into your game’s relevant section.

Example: I’m playing Smite, I’d watch video ads until I have enough coins to redeem a gems code. Once I get the redeem code, I need to head inside Smite, go to ‘store’ and the ‘redeem’ option on the left menu. I will be prompted to enter a promotion code, paste the code I got from Wolfcoins, and that’s it 🙂

Can I use the codes I got from Wolfcoins on my console?

No, the codes earned on Wolfcoins are for PC use only. Currently adding codes for consoles is not on our roadmap.
Overwolf is a platform for PC games only and so is Wolfcoins at it’s current state. We do however plan on expanding the reach for ads to more platforms in the future.

I got a redeem code on Wolfcoins, how to use it to receive the in-game currency?

When you trade your coins and get a code on Wolfcoins, you can head to your ‘History’ tab and your new code will show there.
Right next to your code there will be a question mark in a circle, click on it and the code’s redemption instructions will pop.

Can I earn more coins by referring my friends?

Yes. When your friend joins Wolfcoins , they should enter your Wolfcoins username in the registration form in the right field.
Once they start using Wolfcoins, you will receive 10% worth of the coins they make (daily) every day for 3 months.
Please note, we dont grant you bonuses for recrutiung bot friends nor another accounts made by you.


**Please note that you won’t be getting the coins after every ad your friends watch, the bonus coins will be added to your account once a day for the ads your friend watched that day.

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